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We make sustainable coloring books. Printed locally on enviromentally and colouring friendly paper.

We are a small design agency, based in the beautiful coastal town of Bergen in Norway. We love the creativity of coloring books, and we love to share the beautiful scenery of both Norway, iceland and Denmark with you. Though printing our books locally is usually a bit more expensive, we do appreciate the high quality and the short travels of our books. Good for the enviroment, and good for you!

UN Sustainable Developement Goal nr. 12: Sustainable Consumption And Production
UN Sustainable developement Goals Destination Colouring

UN Sustainable develpoement goal 12 Destination Colouring

UN Sustainable Developement Goal nr. 12: Sustainable Consumption And Production

We believe that any product we make, should make as low enviromental impact as possible. And we also believe that if you can’t make something that isn’t good, in all sense of the word, one should not make it at all. We also believ that You want the same. To buy something that makes you happy with ALL aspects of your purchase. Both the quality of the product, but also the social and enviromental impact the product has made.

Therefore, we print our books locally and as enviromentally friendly as possible. This also supports the local economy and builds sustaianable communities with opportunities for everyone.
Because we care, and because we know you do too.

Read our own article about this here.
Read more about Goal # 12 at the UN’s own website here.

Paper Quality and Enviromental Friendliness

Destination Coloring enviromentally friendly

When it comes to books, something that rarely gets the attention it deserves – is the paper. When it comes to coloring books, which have taken the world by storm in recent years, one should choose paper that not only satisfies the coloring requirements, but also the environment.

White non-bleached paper that can handle even water colors without significant buldging. Thick enough to color in the books, without smudging the next page.

We use the following paper:

We who make the books

Tone Nemi Stenstvedt

Tone Nemi Stenstvedt


Tone loves to trace the images we use for our books. A lot of details and hard work go into this, but the results are breathtaking.

Elisabet Kolbrun Hansen

Elisabet Kolbrun Hansen

Chief Designer

Elisabet does the layout of the books, and makes sure that all the aspects of them have the high quality we demand.

Ralph von Minden

Ralph von Minden

Chief Publisher

Ralph works with all the aspects of the books, but is mainly in charge of making sure it gets in Your hands.

Destination Colouring is a part of the Norwegian design agency Kolbrun Retorikk AS

Kolbrun Retorikk Retorikk Design Innovasjon

Destination Colouring on Norwegian Morning Television – God Morgen Norge


if you are in Bergen.

Destination Colouring

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