Today they came. The books we have worked so hard and purposefully to do well (or good).. Really good actually!. We have worked to make them good in every way.

Now, in the header image, we cover just about enough for almost all the sustainability goals in the background (which really was why we asked ourselves right here), but developing products with the sustainability goals in focus is really exciting. Akershus Fortress, which has ordered, and today received, a historical document with illustrations from the fortress that can be colored, has received a 100% recycled book with Cocoon paper, printed at Molvik Swan-labeled printing house. In other words, a book that is BRA in several ways.

 We would like the consumer to be able to make good choices. We want to make it easier to choose sustainable alternatives. When Akershus Fortress gets guests, guests can bring with them a sustainable memory from a fantastic fortress. A fortress that is conscious of its social responsibility, also with regard to their own products in relation to the UN’s sustainability goal no.

 The publishing director, Ralph von Minden, is delighted with both the graphic, the historical content and the way the product is worked out after the sustainability goals. He adds that we have the sustainability goals implemented in the business strategy and in our daily operations. We thank the designers for good work with the illustrations, Nemi Stenstvedt and I-chih Lu, and the copywriters Tom and Ingrid from Akershus fortress with good text. Then just find out the sustainable crayons, and color your way!

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