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Coloring book

or colouring book?

Now you can colour the world!
And we ship to the world..

You have probably seen the colouring books with all sorts of patterns and motifs, but now you can colour books with scenes from your favourite travel destinations! Buy a book from your dream destination, before, during or after your stay there – and discover the destination in a whole new way – through colouring!

Whether you write coloring book or colouring books, you will enjoy travelling and mindfullnes from your own home.


Enviromentally and socially

We have this one world.
Let’s take care of it – together!

We print locally! So the books have hardly travelled before you purchase one. This also supports the local economy and makes the souvenir you buy, more genuine.

The printer we use has several certifications for the enviroment, and the paper is recycled. Feel good about buying our books!

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Sustainability goal nr.12

Sustainability goal nr.12

Today they came. The books we have worked so hard and purposefully to do well (or good).. Really good actually!. We have worked to make them good in every way. Now, in the header image, we cover just about enough for almost all the sustainability goals in the...

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Coloring Bergen

Coloring Bergen

Life is best in color, says married couple and entrepreneurs Ralph von Minden and Elisabet Kolbrun Hansen. First they put colors on Bergen, now the rest of the world is due. In late 2015, the couple Ralph von Minden and Elisabet Kolbrun Hansen set the goal of creating...

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If you should have any questions or comments. Or maybe you want to resell our books? Do get in touch.

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