As our company and store is situated in Norway, Norwegian Laws govern our business.

Terms of Service (ToS)
  1. General

The terms of sale apply to the sale of goods and services from www.destinationcolouring.com to consumers.

The terms of sale will, together with your order and order confirmation, constitute a collective contractual basis for the purchase.

If you are under the age of 18 you can get a guardian to do the trade for you.

Our business, and the interaction with our business, is governed by Norwegian Law., Consumer purchases are, among other things, regulated by the Norwegian Consumer Buying Act, the right of withdrawal law, the Marketing Act, the Personal Data Act, the e-commerce law and the Credit Purchase act. You can find these laws at https://lovdata.no/.

When selling to businesses, these conditions apply to the extent they fit, however, companies do not have better rights than what is stated in the Purchase Act. The Consumer Goods Act and the right of withdrawal will not apply to businesses, and the e-commerce law applies only to the extent stated in the law (Special provisions of the consumer purchase law do not apply to businesses).

  1. Definition of Parties

Seller is the owner of Kolbrun Publishing, which publishes Destination Colouring: Kolbrun Retorikk AS, Søndre Steinkjellersmauet 1, 5003 Bergen, post@kolbrunretorikk.no, telephone: 920 45 493 and are in the following named Us or Ourselves.

Buyer is: The person who is stated as the buyer in the order and is in the following named You, Your, or Yours.

  1. Ordering and Avtaleprosess

Your order is binding when your order is registered with us. We are at the same time bound by your order if this does not deviate from what is offered by us in our webshop, our marketing or otherwise. However, you have the right to withdraw from your purchase under the law of the right of withdrawal, see Section 7 of the Agreement.

Once we receive your order, we will confirm your order and send you an order confirmation. Carefully read the order confirmation when receiving it and check whether the order confirmation is in accordance with the order.

We reserve the right to cancel your order or any part of it, if the product is sold out. On sold-out item you will be notified of this, possibly along with information about what we can offer instead. You will have the opportunity to accept our new offer with the changes we set in relation to your order or cancel your order.

  1. Prices

All prices include sales tax. The total cost of the purchase will arise prior to ordering and include all expenses associated with the purchase as expenses for postage, freight, packaging etc.

For deliveries to Svalbard, the Norwegian continental Shelf or other distant Norwegian lands, the VAT will be automatically deducted, where applicable.

Prices are subject to change and we reserve the price changes due to changing prices from our suppliers or currency change.

For dealers apply their own discount system. Please contact us to receive these rates.

  1. Payment

The purchase price of your own choice can be made up through your bank or credit card. When using cards, the purchase price will be reserved on the card upon booking. The card will be charged on the day the shipment is made.

Invoice payment applies to business and government institutions only after any credit approval.

In case of non-payment, the claim, upon prior notice, will be sent to the collection.

  1. Delivery

Delivery of the products is in the manner, at the place and at the time indicated on the order confirmation. We are responsible for the products until they are taken over by you, that is, when you have received the products in your possession.

All delivery times provided by us must be considered as indicative. The delivery time refers to the time of arrival of goods to our warehouse. The elapsed time for picking, packing and any production will be additionally prior to filing the shipment to the carrier. When time is stated in number of days, the weekdays and the shipping times are always in addition. We reserve the right to differ and or amend the stated delivery time without further notice.

Any price changes that occur after the time of booking that are not due to errors (see below) will not be retroactive.

In the event of a material size write or print error from our site, in advertisements, etc. and/or in the online store greater than 15% of the normal retail price, we can unilaterally modify, delete or reject orders. This is true even if the customer has received order confirmation or similar. However, these errors must be corrected within a reasonable time after the error is detected.

If the delivery of the products is delayed, we will provide you with information as soon as we have knowledge of it, along with information about and, if any, when delivery may take place or if the product (s) are sold out.

  1. Withdrawal of purchase

The right of withdrawal law Entitts you to undo your purchase. The right of withdrawal applies to goods and for certain services (see exceptions in the last paragraph). The right of withdrawal assumes that you are at least within 14 days of receiving the delivery, we will notify you of this (cancellation deadline).

If you have not received the withdrawal form in either the order confirmation or the delivery of the products, the grace period expires 12 months after the expiry of the original grace period. If you receive the withdrawal form within these 12 months, the grace period expires 14 days after the day you received the withdrawal form.

In order for the withdrawal right to be applicable, the product must be delivered to us in approximately the same amount and condition as you received it. If you use or investigate the item (s) in a manner that goes beyond what is necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and function of the goods and this means that the item is reduced in value, we may deduct an amount equal to the value reduction in the purchase price Refundable.

All products shall be delivered back to us within a reasonable period of time. You have the risk of transporting the item back to us.

We are obliged to pay back to you what you have paid including postage for your shipment to you, handling fee, customs fees, C.O.D. fees, etc. This applies only when the entire purchase is returned.

Refunds shall take place within fourteen days, after we receive the product from you. The product is sent back to us together with the withdrawal form.

Further details on how to use the right of withdrawal are stated in the right of withdrawal form.

The right of withdrawal does not apply when purchasing products in electronic format F, eg PDF files etc.) When you have received the electronic shipment with the file on your server or license code/information is made available.

  1. Examination of the products

Once you have received the products, you should check to see if the delivery is in accordance with the order confirmation. Check whether the products have been damaged in transit or if the products are otherwise faulty or missing.

If the item does not correspond to the order or is missing, you must notify us by claims Cf. Point 9.

  1. Defects and defects in the product and delay of delivery

If an error or defect is detected, you must within a reasonable time after you discovered, or should have discovered it, give us notice that you will invoke the defect (claims). The deadline for advertising is still not shorter than two months from the time you discovered the defect. Claims must be made at least two years after taking over the item. If you do not advertise on time, the right to make the defect is lost.

In case of delay, claims must be directed to us within reasonable time. Notice of errors and defects in the products may be disclosed orally or in writing. For proof purposes, we recommend that the complaint be sent to us in writing primarily by sending an email at: post@kolbrunretorikk.no.

If we do not deliver the goods or deliver it too late under the agreement, and this is not due to you or any relationship in your part, you may comply with the rules of the Consumer Purchase Act Chapter 5 Following the circumstances, hold the purchase price back, claim fulfillment, raise Agreement and claim compensation from us.

If there is a shortage of the goods and this is not due to you or any relationship on your part, and you have advertised within the aforementioned deadlines, you can comply with the rules of the Consumer Purchase Act Chapter 6:

  1. Keep the purchase price back
  2. Under certain assumptions choose between rectification or redelivery
  3. Under certain conditions require a price reduction
  4. Require elevation if the defect is not insignificant (assumption that the goods are in the same condition and quantity, the consumer Goods Act § 51)
  5. Claim compensation

If you take action on your own initiative to remedy the defect beyond what may have been agreed with us, we will not pay those expenses.

  1. Guaranteed

Our warranties do not constitute a restriction on the warranty period for goods under the consumer purchase law.

  1. Payment by Card

Card numbers are not retained by us beyond what is necessary to ensure the efficient handling of any problems with load, cancellation of reservation and crediting.

  1. Amendment to the terms

We reserve the right to amend any other terms, including as a result of changes to legislation.

  1. Major Force

Are we prohibited from providing or making mandatory redelivery or becoming such a delivery obligation unreasonably burdensome as a result of a conflict of work or any other circumstance when the parties cannot prevail over it, such as in the case of fire, war, mobilization or Unforeseen military requests of similar scope, requisition, seizures, currency restrictions, rebellion and dissolution, the shortage of means of transport, general trade shortage, restriction of the supply of driving force, as well as defects in or delays of Deliveries by subcontractors or manufacturers arising out of such circumstances as covered by this clause, we are exempt from any liability other than in the case of complaints and credit it to the defective item belonging to the purchase price.

  1. Disputes and applicable law

Disputes on the occasion of the conditions and related provisions, as well as disputes pertaining to where in the mentioned and where the following legal conditions are in the ordinary courts, with Bergen District Court  in Norway as venue.

  1. Copyright

All content on this website belongs to Kolbrun Retorikk and the publisher Kolbrun Publishing and is protected by, among others. Copyright, marketing and trademark law. This means that trademarks, company names, product names, information about products, including Mention of the products and the weight, images/graphics, design and layout and other content on these websites under any circumstances may not be downloaded, copied or used in any other way without the express permission of the mandatory law or by Express prior written consent of Kolbrun Retorikk AS.



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